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Hope United exists to share the love of Christ by partnering with Haitian ministries to support the building of sustainable, Christ-centered communities in Haiti.

Founded in 2017, Hope United grew out of the vision expressed to us by Arnold Dorleus for the community of La Mer Frappée, Haiti.  Through our partnership with his ministry, Espoir pour les Sans Espoir, we have been constantly reminded of the richness of God's provision, as He has met every need.  This idea of partnership is essential to how we operate.  In spite of numerous cultural differences, our two ministries share a calling, and we work in collaboration to see God glorified in La Mer Frappée.

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Equipping for Today

Our goal is to help provide for the immediate needs and basic dignities of the community of La Mer Frappée.  To this end, we have established the foundation of our ministry:

  • A 12' security wall that encircles the 1,500' perimeter of our property.

  • a multi-purpose pole barn which serves as the home for all the activities we do

  • a pole barn extension, which doubled our space, was added to the pole barn in the summer of 2018

  • A 4-room medical clinic that houses our part-time doctor

  • a support building which serves as office space, kitchen space, and house for the caretaker's family

  • a well and water purification system which provides free, clean water to the community

  • a latrine

Equipping for Tomorrow

Hope United is committed to seeing the children of La Mer Frappée receive an affordable Christian education, as we believe this is the most direct route to effecting positive change to the long-standing poverty seen in Haiti.  The New Hope School opened in September 2017 with 165 students, whose parents are asked to pay only a small registration fee (Why ask parents to pay?).  Individual student sponsorships and other contributions make up the school's operating budget.  Our goal is to see every student sponsored, so that our other resources can be devoted to different long-range ministry projects, such as the construction of a permanent school/church building and a medical clinic.  Click HERE to learn about sponsoring a child.

Equipping for Eternity

Seeing a church established in La Mer Frappée, a place for people to worship and grow in their faith, was our first priority.  In July 2017, a small church was planted by Arnold and other members of his home church.  Meeting in the pole barn and led entirely by Haitian volunteers, the church has grown to a weekly attendance of approximately 280 people.  In July 2018, the church called its first full-time pastor.  Since then, four others have been hired to the pastoral team greatly expanding the ministry's reach in the community.

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About our Board

Hope United is governed by a board of nine volunteer directors:

  • Matthew Weber, President

  • Alicia Williams, Treasurer

  • Doreen Ray, Secretary

  • Cissy Beck, Sponsorship

  • Shelly Dobosy, Trips

  • Billy Martin, Media

  • Rev. Ken Tilley, Pastoral Ministry

  • Aaron Williams, Construction

  • Susan Weber, Financial Secretary


We are a group that comes from all walks of life, united in our love for Haiti, and our belief in the vision that God has laid on Arnold's heart.

No Americans are paid for their work involving Hope United.

About Arnold Dorleus

Hope United works in partnership with Espoir pour les Sans Espoir (Hope for the Hopeless), a Haitian non-profit created by Arnold Dorleus.  Many of us got to know Arnold through his previous work with Haiti Outreach Ministries.  When he expressed the vision that God placed on his heart for the people of La Mer Frappée, we felt called to support him in this new ministry.


As we will work in collaboration with Arnold and our other Haitian friends to complete projects that will enrich the lives of the people of La Mer Frappe, we will help develop the area with education, clean water, health care, and the foundations of a flourishing, God-loving people.

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Hope United's monthly operating budget is $9,628.  This money comes to us through student sponsorship and contributions made by individuals and churches, and it is used to fund the expenses of the school and to pay the salaries of the 42 Haitians employed by Espoir Pour Les Sans Espoir.  No Americans are paid by Hope United, and with the exception of expenses (mailings, postage) and fees (banking, donor management system), all money that we receive goes directly to support ministry in Haiti.

Tax Documents

2017 990-N

2018 990-N

2019 990-EZ

2020 990-EZ

2021 990-EZ

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About La Mer Frappée

  • On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated much of Haiti, killing an estimated 220,000 people and leaving over a million displaced.

  • For several years, hundreds of thousands of Haitians lived in tent cities in Port-au-Prince, until the government pushed those residents to the countryside. 

  • La Mer Frappée is a community of about 10,000 of these displaced people from the tent cities of Port-au-Prince.

  • In a country of poor infrastructure, the conditions in La Mer Frappée are below even Haitian standards - Extremely limited access to water, food, and employment; no churches or schools.

Did you know?

  • Haiti has a population of 11.1 million, a nation the size of Delaware.

  • The capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince.

  • Haitian Creole and French are the official languages of Haiti.

  • Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

    • 60% live on less than $2.40/day​

    • 23% live on less than $1.15/day

  • 30% of Haiti's GDP is made up of remittances from the Haitian diaspora.

  • Literacy levels in Haiti hover around 50%.

  • Haiti is one of the most deforested nations in the world.

  • 7% of Haiti's children live in a state of slavery.

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