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In La Mer Frappée, the lack of infrastructure is startling.  Before our ministry began to plan roots, most children were unschooled and unchurched, or they traveled to schools outside of the community for an education.  We planned to open our school in September 2017 with two classes.  That plan was quickly set aside when we saw the enormity of the need in the community.  Instead of the planned 60 students, we started with 165.  We are now educating 335 students for the 2020-21 School Year.  God's unfailing provision has gotten us to this point, and every single need has been met, but we pray for the day when all of our students are matched up with sponsors who invest in their education and pray for the hearts of the young men and women they will grow to be. 

With Sponsorship money, we pay our staff (principal, teachers, secretary, nurse, teachers assistants, compound caretaker, cooks, and cleaners).  Children are provided a Biblically-based education, a uniform, a daily hot meal, and a vitamin supplement.  With time, it is our prayer to see the program grow, not only in the number of students we can serve, but also in what we can offer those students from the Sponsorship funds.  

As a sponsor, you will receive two annual mailings:  an updated photo of your child and a report card at the end of the year.

Will you join us in helping to build this community and shape the future for the children of La Mer Frappée?  A relatively small investment of $35/month or $420/year will mean so much to a family – the hope of a better future for their children.

For questions about sponsorship, please contact Cissy Beck, our Sponsorship Coordinator at

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